Many sexual taboos have been disregarded over the past century, but unfortunately period sex isn't one of them. Whether you're new to period sex or not, the good news is that we've moved past the old days and entered a new era of menstrual discs, creating a true revolution.

With Lumma's menstrual discs, period sex is 100% possible, and we encourage you to try it (only if you're in the mood for it, or course)!

Blood is a natural lubricant, and orgasms can help relieve pain caused during your cycle. It’s a win-win.

So don't hold back because of your period. Our menstrual discs will help you get started or improve the experience.

Rest assured that our menstrual discs won't stand in the way of your fun. Your partner won't even feel that it's there 😎 Because menstrual discs fit above the vaginal canal, you're all clear for penetration. So forget about the old days, and don't hold back ❤️ 🔥