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Our menstrual discs and cups are actually the latest in a long line of leading health products made by our family’s business, Promillus.
At home, we were the first customers.

The matriarch had a condition that caused very small and sharped stones to form whenever she nursed me. Painful, to say the least.

The patriarch decided to apply his engineering expertise to help ease her pain. In 1991, he founded a factory in São Paulo city, Brazil, and began manufacturing medical-grade silicone nipple shields.

Our mission is to provide a healthy menstrual product to the biggest number of people that we can. Because of this commitment we decided to make our company international and we are working on this expansion plan as much as we can. Today we are proud to say that we have 5 facilities spread all over the world.

This means that we are able to provide a fast shipping with a very fair cost to all citizens that are nearby that specific warehouse. From Brazil to Australia and we are not done yet. We have other countries on our plan and make sure that we will be arriving soon!

What does Lumma mean?

For generations, we’ve been trained to feel shame about our bodies and their natural cycles. The inspiration for our name, the Roman goddess of the moon, Luna, embodies empowerment and pride. The Portuguese word for the moon, lua, is derived from her name and can also be used to refer to menstruation.

Periods have been treated like a deep, dark secret for too long. We decided it was time to shed some light on it, so we incorporated one more Portuguese word: luminoso, or luminous. Periods are a symbol of fertility, and despite what society says, they’re beautiful. They’re not just natural—they’re essential. Without these cycles, none of us would be here to begin with.

The moon waxes and wanes, and so do our bodies. The word Lumma represents the connection between our monthly periods and the timeless cycles of nature.

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