Periods end sentences. They shouldn’t end your fun.

For generations, we’ve been taught that sex during our cycles is a no-no—taboo, actually. This notion is outdated, and it’s based on outdated menstrual products. Avoiding intimacy for a week out of every month isn’t acceptable anymore. It keeps you from living your life the way you want, as opposed to the way tampon companies want you to live it.

How do our menstrual discs make “period sex” possible? Unlike tampons, pads and menstrual cups, they fit above the vaginal canal, right below the cervix, keeping the canal free for penetration. As you can imagine, that makes all the difference. Your partner won’t even notice the disc is there 😎

No more worrying about “that time of the month” getting in the way of romance. Wave goodbye to the old days, and say hello to a better life 👋