This a question we usually receive from tampon and pad users who are considering "the switch."

It does take short period of time to get used to menstrual discs, so your first time with them may not be so perfect. That’s completely normal. Like every first time, it’s OK to take some time getting used to it. Every new method you try is makes you connect with yourself and learn more about your body.

During your first cycle, you'll discover many things. By the second cycle, you'll be more confident and start finding the best methods that work for you, whether that's the best position for insertion, how to create the best fit, and so on.

On the third cycle, my dears, you'll nail it for sure, earning your PhD in menstrual discs and letting you spread your experience with the world! 🎉

So tell us, which stage are you at with menstrual discs? Help others by sharing your experience with us in the comments! 😊