Alright, let us talk about the string that we attach to our menstrual discs. We receive many questions about whether it's OK to cut it off.

Our discs, with their 6 cm silicone string, are an exclusive model developed by Lumma, with patent pending. We added the string to ensure easy and mess-free removal.

To use the string correctly, you just need to hold it and pull gently until it's untucked from the pubic bone. When it's completely untucked, you can use your fingers to guide the disc outside your vagina.

Very important note: The string is only to be used to untuck the disc from the pubic bone.

If you have a PhD in menstrual discs and don't need the string anymore 🤓  you can trim it or cut it off entirely—no problem at all. Your disc will serve the very same function just as well ✂️ 👌